Probate Solicitors Helpline

How we can help you!

If you need probate advice, we can help. We operate through the UK and assist hundreds of clients every year with probate matters.

When might you need our help?

  • Probate used for closing bank accounts
  • Obtaining probate for selling a deceased’s property
  • Probate required for a death benefit or a pension payment
  • Sale of shares : probate is often required by share registrars to sell or transfer shares

Why choose us?

  • We can obtain probate quickly and cost effectively
  • We can always undertake probate on a fixed fee
  • No need to attend an interview at the probate registry
  • We operate free Probate Helplines and all our staff our friendly and helpful
    – there are no call centres!
  • Dedicated case handler – one single point of contact
  • Friendly and approachable
  • Experienced. As we handle probate cases daily we know how to obtain probate quickly and effectively, what forms to complete and who to write to at banks and other organisations.

Probate Quote or Need Help?

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