Will I need probate to claim a Pension Death benefit or Life Insurance ?

If the Deceased left a policy such as life insurance or death benefit under a pension scheme, it is always best to contact the insurer or pension company and request clarification from them as to whether probate is actually required. For example, if the policy was payable to a nominated beneficiary then the benefit will not form part of the estate and probate will not be required

When you will need probate for an insurance policy Claim or death benefit

If the life insurance had no nominated beneficiary this means that the estate will form part of the estate and as such probate will definitely be required to release the funds.

Probate and PPI Claims

Recently, there has of course been an increase in the number of PPI Claims if the Deceased has since died then probate will definitely be required as the insurer or bank will need to know who to pay the funds to.

If you need probate for the release of funds under an insurance policy we can help you.

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