Do I need Probate ?
when there’s a will?

When someone dies a legal process has to be followed, in order to administer a Deceased Persons estate.

That process is known as probate,and will typically be undertaken by the named Executor in a Will or the next of kin (known as the Administrator ) if the person died without a Will.

If the Deceased person left assets above £15,000, then a even if there is a will, a full probate application will be needed to obtain a legal document required to adminster the estate. This is called a Grant of Probate and is issued by the Probate Registry, once obtained the estate assets can then be collected.

When you will definately require probate

  • You will definitely require probate in the following :-
  • If the deceased left cash assets such as an ISA in a bank account – most banks always insist on probate if the funds exceed £15,000
  • To sale a property owned by the deceased
  • To transfer part of a property owned by the Deceased – this is undertaken by an assent and the probate will be required by the Land registry
  • To make an Insurance claim under a death benefit policy
  • Claiming under a life policy
  • To make a PPI claim or a Care Home Fees recovery against a local authority
  • To sell or transfer shares

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