Inheritance Tax

In the UK all applications for a Grant of Probate or Grant of Letters of Administration must be accompanied by an Inheritance Tax return regardless as to the size of the estate.

Inheritance tax returns can be complex, and so if you need assistance, we can help you complete the inheritance tax return.

What you need to know : inheritance tax returns simplified

  • The current rate of inheritance is £325,000
  • If inheritance tax is due then a IHT 400 must be completed and filed within 6 months of the date of death together with inheritance due ( see below )
  • Inheritance tax on cash must be paid immediately, while Inheritance tax can be paid in instalments
  • A spouse exemption applies : this means that no inheritance tax is due when assets pass between spouses in addition since 2007, you can transfer any unused Inheritance Tax threshold from a late spouse or civil partner to the second spouse or civil partner when they die.
  • There are various reliefs available for inheritance tax and so always seek advice from us our probate helpline is 0845 269 3571

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