What Is A Grant of Probate UK ?

After someone has died there are lots of unusual words and phrases and knowing exactly what they mean can be confusing. So what does probate mean ?

Probate is simply the term given to the legal process that is followed after someone has died. Here are the key facts you need to know :-

  • It is undertaken by an Executor when the Deceased left a will, or by an Administrator when the Deceased died leaving no will.
  • It ends with the Probate Court, known as the Probate Registry, issuing a legal document called a Grant of probate or alternatively ( when there is no will ) a Grant of Letters of Administration. It is this document that is then sent to the various organisations such as banks, and share registrars to release funds held by a Deceased.

Do I need probate ?

Every case is different,and much depends upon the size and nature of the Deceased persons assets, however as a general guide probate will be required in the following circumstances :-

  • To release funds over £15,000 in a Bank – note each bank has different limits
  • To sell or transfer shares owned by a Deceased
  • To sell a property owned by a Deceased
  • Release of funds under a death benefit or life insurance policy

How easy is it to obtain probate and how long does it take ?

Probate involves an application to a Court and as such involves a number of documents being lodged and drafted such as an Inheritance Tax return.We would complete the entirety of the application paperwork including the Inheritance Tax returns ensuring the grant is issued quickly enabling the monies to be released. Typically we can obtain probate within 6-8 weeks, in very straightforward cases.

Grant of Probate Costs and Fees

We operate a fixed fee policy, this means that at the beginning of the case we can confirm exactly what the costs will be at the end of the case. Our fixed fee varies depending on the size of the estate, the assets and liabilities to be collected together with the number of beneficiaries, we simply ask a few straightforward questions to provide a fixed fee quote.

What Does A Grant of Probate Look Like ?

The Grant of Probate carries the seal of the Probate Registry, and includes the Deceased’s Full name and address, date of death, together with the net value of the estate. The will is also sealed to the Grant by the Probate Registry.

Once the grant of probate is issued it becomes a public document. You can search for grants of probate by clicking here

Recently a new style grant of probate has been issued which includes that following counter-fraud measures have been added to the new grant, including:

  • a hologram
  • digital seal instead of an embossed seal
  • digital signature instead of a ‘wet’ signature, and
  • a validation telephone number for people processing the document to call.

I would like your help applying for probate

At the start of the case, we would send a simple questionnaire for you to complete which has details of all the information we need to know eg. assets to be collected etc, in addition we would need the death certificate and a copy of the will ( the original is required later ). You can contact us by clicking here or by calling us on 0845 269 3571

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