Probate Bank Account Closure of a Deceased Persons account

If a Deceased person had funds in a bank account, the Executor or Administrator needs to notify the bank were the account is held. It is important to appreciate that all banks have slightly different procedures regarding the documents they will require to release the funds however typically, most highstreet banks will ask for the following :-

  • Notification of death closure form. This will need to be completed and various details completed, for example the bank will need the full name and address of the person handling the estate, the death certificate, a copy of the will and probate if the value of the account is above £15,000 ( see below )
  • Death certificate : must be original or solicitor certified
  • Grant of probate or grant of letters of administration – this will be required if the funds typically exceed £15,000

Deceased bank : what happens after the bank is notified ?

After the bank is notified of the death, the account is frozen, in light of this no monies can be paid out until the above steps are completed. The only exception to this is the payment of funeral expenses. If there are direct debits being paid from an account, they must be notified as the bank will simply reject them as the account will be fozen. Most utility companies will simply send a date of death balance and await the probate process being completed.

How we can help : Release of money from a Deceased account

If you have received a letter from a bank requesting probate we can help you. Benefits to using us to obtain probate for you include :-

    • Speed. We can typically obtain a grant within 3-5 weeks
    • Fixed fee probate service
    • Expertise. We are specialists in probate and operate across the UK
    • Fixed fee probate service
    • We regularly deal with all banks and understand how they work and the forms that need completing.
    • Friendly and experienced staff : you will have a dedicated case manager from start to finish

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